Change Your Perspective, Change Your Life

Sunset over a lake.

We go through our lives each day, often doing the same things in the same order. When you take a shower, brush your teeth, get ready in the morning, eat meals, drive to work, drive to the store, and drive home you go the same way each time.

I invite you to mix it up. Begin to look at things from a different perspective and see how it affects your over all wellbeing.

When you shower, do things out of order. Try driving a different way to and from work. Even if it just means taking a different way out of your parking lot. Take an extra few minutes and drive around your neighborhood. Look at each house you pass and find something beautiful about it. Look for something in each yard that you’ve never seen before. When you are eating a meal, put your phone down and look around you. See the colors in your food, look at the pictures on the wall, notice how the tables are arranged, look out the window (if there is one) and watch cars passing by.

I used to go out and eat in my car when I worked retail. It would give me a break from the noise inside the store. I would take that time to enjoy my food and relax a little, but also to watch what was around me. Where I worked there were trees around, so there were always little birds searching for food, hopping from branch to branch, or flying around. If you have the ability to eat outside, take time to look around you, look up at the sky, the clouds.

When you are waiting somewhere, look up at the ceiling. I have found over the years that a lot of places have the most beautiful ceilings. Especially older, historic type buildings. If I walk into a store or restaurant and they have utilized the ceiling as shelf space, or have it decorated, the place is automatically that much more interesting. To me that shows that the owners think outside the norm. 

Take this all one step further and literally change your perspective. Lay upside down and look at things that way. How does it change? Tilt your head sideways and see what pops out.

If you are having a hard time finding a solution to something, change your perspective. Step back and think of it like an outsider would. Try playing devil’s advocate and argue the position from the other side to gain clarity. Sometimes when we get stuck in one loop in our heads the solution alludes us.

If we can shift our perspective in life, new solutions, new ways of doing things will open up to us. It’s a simple thing to do most of the time, but it will have big results.

Comment below and let us know what you did to change your perspective this week. Share with us other ways you use to change your perspective.