Leaving the Comfort of Your Comfort Zone

So you’ve decided that it’s time to leave your comfort zone. What now? Photo by Joshua Köller How do we leave our comfort zone? By first figuring out why it is that we’re scared to in the first place. Why are we afraid of that thing that is just outside the boundaries of our comfort […]

What Do Our Comfort Zones and Spider Crabs Have In Common?

I watched a nature show one time (called Blue Planet) that showed giant spider crabs come out of their shells. There were thousands of them. It was really neat, and kind of disturbing all at the same time. The process was intriguing though, and one that we can learn from. These crabs, and crabs in […]

Bread Crumbs or Dynamite?

The universe, God, whatever Higher Power you believe in, is very good at giving us bread crumbs to follow. IF we pay attention to those bread crumbs. If not, then it takes something big to get our attention. It takes something that feels more like dynamite. How many times have you accomplished something big and […]

How It Feels to Be the Interviewee

In one of our The Novel Turtle Presents Q&A Sessions I interviewed Kristi Slaughter. Kristi is a radio talk show host that I have been friends with for several years. She loves doing what she does and it is evident in every show. Recently, she flipped the script and interviewed me on her show. I’ve […]