Giving Back

These are port pillows. (The three pictured are just examples, we may or may not have this exact fabric left.) They are used by people who have a port in (for blood draws, chemo, etc.), and/or people who have had surgery on their chest area. You put them on your seat belt and they keep it from rubbing against your port (or incision). My grandmother and I make them (mostly her =)).

If you, or someone you know is going through cancer treatments and needs a port pillow, email me at, or send me a private message on Facebook, and we will send you one for free.

(We will send one pillow to each address. As of right now we can only ship for free within the United States. If you are outside of the U.S. all you would need to do is pay the shipping cost, the pillow would still be free.)

They are great as a little gift, or as an addition to a care package, for someone who is going through chemo.

This is not a scam, or an effort to get more names for a mailing list. We are offering to give these to people who need them. We enjoy making them and we want to give back when we can. This is our little way of doing so.

Pick Your Color

These are just examples, to show you what the pillows look like. You pick what color scheme you would like your pillow to be and we’ll send you one in that color. We have many different colors and designs.

Soft Pillow on One Side

The side that goes against your chest is a soft pillow.

Velcro for Easy Placement

The other side has two velcro tabs that go around the seat belt to hold it on.

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