Fun Socks, The Little Things, and a Giveaway

If I asked you right now what your favorite pair of socks are, what would you tell me? Would you look at me like I am a complete looney? (Are you looking at your screen like that now? =)) Or would you immediately know the answer? Why am I asking about your favorite pair of [...]

The Novel Turtle Presents: Q&A with Mark Borella, a.k.a. The Seeds of Happiness Guy

I found this adorable little smiling face on a trip to Myrtle Beach, SC. When I read the accompanying card, I was hooked. They are such a simple thing, but the heart behind the project is amazing. This week we talk to Mark Borella, who is known as “The Seeds of Happiness Guy”. If you [...]

Creativity Killers: Episode 3: Letting Fear Control What You Do

What is one thing that scares you? One thing that keeps you from following a dream you may have. This week I’m asking for a big one. Dig deep and figure out what scares you about moving forward towards your dreams. You probably already know what that thing is. If you don’t, it was probably [...]

Creativity Killers Series: Episode 2: Listening To Everyone But Yourself

This picture started out as me trying to do something exactly the way someone else told me to. When it didn't work out, I did my own thing and had way more fun with it. If you want to do something, the quickest way to kill your excitement about it is to read how other [...]

Creativity Killers Series: Episode 1: Multitasking

This is your brain on multitasking. In honor of Halloween this month we are going to talk about creativity killers and doing things that scare us. Dun dun DUN. (Sorry, couldn’t resist) Also, we’re going to give you ideas about how to deal with these killers and how to move past them. Our first creativity [...]

The Novel Turtle Presents: Q&A with Chris Shelton

Joining us this week is Chris Shelton of Morning Crane Healing Arts Center and Shelton Qigong in California. We asked Chris questions, not only about the practice of Qigong, but also about running a business. As anyone who has ever owned and operated a business knows, you sometimes have to use a lot of creativity [...]

Drive Around Aimlessly & Explore

Do a little aimless driving this week. Maybe a little each day, or maybe one adventure, one day for a few hours. Drive around with no particular destination in mind. Doing this helps you to see different things and clear your mind. Go wherever you think looks interesting. Even if it is a street that [...]

Move Along: Finding Movement that You Actually Enjoy Doing

Find a way to add movement to your life this week. Our bodies were designed to move. It doesn’t always feel that way after we’ve done a work out and our muscles are screaming at us. More importantly than just adding movement this week, I want you to add movements that you enjoy doing. If [...]

The Novel Turtle Presents: Q&A with Haley Hensley

This is Haley and her sweet Great Dane, Emme. Welcome to our Q&A session! This week our guest is Haley Hensley. Haley is a photographer, animal lover, and all around fun person. Her website is Q: What made you want to start taking photographs? I am a shy person, even more so when I [...]