The Novel Turtle Mission:

1) To help others open up their creative channels, find what they love to do, and inspire them to do it.

I want to give people small ideas that they can do each and every day to help them find their own creative spark; to help them become more aware of what makes them happy while also making the world a better place. Happier individuals make for a happier world.

2) To showcase those who are doing what they love and inspiring others to do the same. No one person is good at everything. We can all learn from each other.

Some people can do anything they try to really well, but it’s not their “thing”. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. We all have things that we are passionate about and things that we don’t love doing. My goal is to help people find that intersection between their strengths and what they love to do.

The Q&A sessions pull these inspiring people together, showcase their strengths, what they do best, so that it will inspire others, give them new ways to do things, new perspectives, and help them live their life’s purpose. I want to give people plenty of places to go for inspiration.  

(If you know someone that you would like us to do a Q&A session with, or if you would like to be considered for a Q&A session, please email us at

3) To expand the definition most people have of the word creativity.

When asked what creativity means, most people will say something about some sort of craft, photography, or design. I want to show people that everyone is creative in some way. Creativity shows up in business, in how people solve problems, in parenting, and in many other avenues of life.

4) To help people find more joy and laughter in their lives.

I want to make people smile every chance that I get. There is enough stress and chaos in the world. The Novel Turtle is a place of fun.

5) To help people appreciate the little things in their lives.

Sometimes we get so stuck in our heads, so wrapped up in our day to day, that we don’t notice the beautiful little things that are happening around us. A lot of the ideas that I give on The Novel Turtle are meant to get you out of your own head, clear your mind, and help you to appreciate the little details that most people don’t even notice. 

6) To help people become more aware of themselves and their surroundings.

I recently heard Kyle Cease on Lewis Howes YouTube channel describe this perfectly. (To paraphrase) If you are stuck in your own head then you can literally walk past a hundred-dollar bill and not even see it. If you are instead focusing on the things around you, then you see it, you see the blessings, the abundance, the magic, the joy. There are so many benefits to being aware of yourself and your surroundings.

(See that interview by clicking here.)

All of the ideas that I present here at The Novel Turtle are things that I (and people around me) have personally tried and found to help me to enjoy life more. Some of the ideas are quirky, some of them seem downright crazy. All I ask is that you try them. You just may find out something about yourself that you didn’t know, or that you had forgotten.

Let your inner child out to play. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said, “But that’s for little kids”, and how many times people that know me have replied, “Since when has that ever stopped you?”.

You’ll sometimes see me use “We” or “Us” instead of “Me” or “I”. I am the wizard behind the curtain if you will, but I always have help. So, to me, this website and everything I do with it is a group effort. My husband drew the turtle that is in my logo. He helps me with everything from taking pictures, to answering all sorts of computer related questions, to being there for me as a sounding board. One of my good friends is taking that turtle and making a logo of it. I have friends and family who give me ideas and are always there as a sounding board for things. I am constantly inspired by people all around me; some of whom I’ve never even met.

So, you see, “I” is not accurate for most of what goes on here. This is a collective effort, a community, and we invite you to join us.

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