Does How We Think Really Matter?

Where your thoughts go your body follows. It has been scientifically proven that when we are having a certain emotion or string of thoughts, our bodies react accordingly. This is why our hearts race when we’re anxious or excited. This being true, how can we use our thoughts to better our overall well-being. Brandon Farris […]

What are Some of the Colloquial Phrases That You Use?

What are some of the colloquial phrases that you and your family say, and/or the people in your area say? What are colloquial phrases? They are phrases made up of more informal, slang words. Phrases that people say to mean something other than the literal definition. A lot of times they are regional. For example, […]

Is It Wrong or Greedy to Want Better?

When I hear someone say, “Be thankful for what you have, there are plenty of people out there who wish they had what you have”, it always hits a little nerve. Not because I don’t believe that this is ultimately true, but because I think too many people use this statement as a way to […]

How To Be a Better You

Do you want to be better? That sounds like a silly question, I know. Who doesn’t want to be better in some way? A better person, better at your job, a better spouse, friend, a better listener, a better writer, etc. Identify what area(s) you want to be better at, then ask yourself that question […]

What Do Our Doodles Mean? 5 More Ideas for Doodling

Yesterday in our “What Can Doodling Do for You?” post I talked about the Nazca Lines having a greater purpose and meaning something more. This brought up questions for a lot of people: What do my doodles mean? Do they mean something deeper? If I doodle a lot, is there something wrong with me, or […]

What Can Doodling Do For You?

This week I invite you to take a little “brain break” and give your thinking mind some time off. For a few minutes each day, give yourself permission to doodle. On your notepad at work. On a napkin while waiting at a restaurant. On a pad of paper before you go to bed. When ever, […]

What Does It Mean to "Lead By Example & Why Is It Important?

How many times have you heard someone talking about how we need to do more to help X? (X could be the environment, the homeless, other countries, etc.) But then when you take a closer look, they are not doing anything to help that cause themselves. They are telling you that you should send money […]

Reframing To See Opportunities Instead of Problems

Earlier this week I talked about what reframing is and how you can do it. Using this tool we can remove a lot of junk from our bodies, our minds, and our overall energy. If we take the time to see the lesson in the “negative” things that happen in life, then we can allow […]

What is "Reframing" and How Does it Benefit Us?

Photo by Jimmy Chan Have you ever heard of the word “Reframing”? No, I’m not talking about taking a picture out of one frame and putting it into another one. Although, same concept. First let’s talk about some things that reframing is not. Reframing is not glossing over a bad situation and pretending like it […]

Even Baby Steps Are Forward Movement

Do you always have to have every step figured out before you start? Ponder that question for a minute. When you get ready to do a project, or start something new in general, do you always have to have all of the steps figured out before you even start? Or do you have to have […]